12 December 2009

Frohe Weihnachten!

I'm off to NYC tomorrow (whooopeeeee!) And so will take my leave of you fine people with some photos of Vienna's Christmas finery.

These GINORMOUS glittery red balls line Rottenturmstrasse. Is it very un-holiday-spirity of me that I want to see one fall then roll down the long street, crushing anything in its path? And would you think less of me if I went on to imagine how convenient it would be if this massive red rolling object cleared a path for me through.....say....

...the holiday crowds in Stock-im-Eisenplatz?
Giant, crowd-clearing balls of red glitter might come in handy at the Rathausplatz Christmas market also. At some point you realize there are just too many people between you and your next mug of gluhwein so you turn around to leave the press of Christmas revelers....

...only to realize you are right smack in the thick of things.

Ah well, if you are going nowhere fast, it's a beautiful place to do so.

Even the trees are decked out in their holiday gear.

A teeny tiny little courtyard with a teeny tiny little Christmas market squeezed in.

And on a slightly larger scale, the Christmas Market at Schloss Schonbrunn.

Where you can sip your gluhwein...

...while watching daily classical concerts, choral performances and brass ensembles.

Time now for me to say goodbye to Vienna's icy coldness for a couple weeks and hello to New York's bone-chilling freeze. Feliz Navidad, y'all.


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