11 December 2009

Uglier, Yes. Tastier? May be.

Below is the very neat and orderly lasagna given as a photo example on the box of noodles. This is what a good Austrian lasagna looks like. Tidy and oh so organized. Each item, be it meat, red sauce or cheese, knows its place and is happy to be there, performing its individual function to contribute to the good of the whole.

And this is my lasagna. Where chaos reigns supreme. Nothing stays where it was put and all the ingredients do their own thing. The mozzarella does the funky chicken while the noodles try to do the wave, but can't get coordinated enough. The ricotta goes to visit the parmesan and takes the peppers with him, while most of the meat manages to sink to the bottom.

But you know what? I don't care. Much like the roads in Rome, my lasagna is a hot mess, but it has a poetry all its own. Plus it's damned delicious.


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Anonymous said...

i bet it was delicious:) have u seen Julie & Julia? reading your posts and facebooks quotes reminds me this movie girls who starts cooking and gets better and better in it, u might open cookery school one day who knows, do not become desperate housewife. kisses - Alex