31 March 2007

Alas, bed, we knew ye well.....

Furniture has been flying outta here at an alarming rate!! Actually, not so much alarming as thrilling and exciting!! Things are happening! Measurable things! There is visible, physical evidence that we are moving, that this wild and crazy plan is truly going forward.
Yikes! and also Wooohooooo!!
So far stuff leavin' hasn't made me sad or anxious...just exhilarated!! (as evidenced by all the exclamation points I am using!!) I can't wait to see more empty rooms!! More packed boxes!! More bare cupboards!! Vacant closets!!! Expansive surfaces with nothing on or near them!!! Like a swami about to hit the desert in search of enlightenment, we are un-burdening ourselves of our earthly possessions, freeing ourselves of materialistic ties, clearing the path to nirvana and lemme tell ya, my peeps, it feels gooooooooooooood.

Except, of course when we go to bed at night in our former guest bed. Which feels a little like this:

When it's time to turn in, we no longer say "C'mon Honey, let's go to bed," we say "Get in the can."


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