20 March 2007

Céad míle fáilte !

A hundred thousand welcomes !

As we approach our departure on our big adventure, we decided to have a place where we can post news of our trip..hence this Blog !

had some trouble naming the Blog ... the other nominees for Blog title :

no strings on us
cant catch me
holy crap what the hell are we doing
bye bye life
chris and kelly piss it all away
bye bye future.
holy crap its cold here
where is the sun
we left paradise for whiskey
everything is covered in mold
mold & whiskey
chris can't breath
arnold in the jar
kelly is drunk all the time
at the bottom of the whiskey bottle
we heart jamesons
gimme an irish coffee hold the coffee
throwing it all away
i can't understand anybody's accent
carpe this!

-cja & k

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