24 March 2007

Brown, Foamy and.....delicious?

So we move to Ireland in about two months. Yikes! My mind is constantly whirling with things to do, preparations to make and questions about our future.

Questions like....oh.....I dunno......WHAT THE HELL ARE WE DOING??? Is this the biggest adventure we will ever embark on or the stupidest thing we have ever contemplated? Probably a combination of both. I am so unsure of virtually everything that it thrills and terrifies me in equal parts.

Why are we leaving a perfectly comfortable and enjoyable life behind??

Why wouldnt we??

Why give up all we have when we've worked so hard to get it?

Why stay stuck in a rut?

Each issue is a mental tug in two directions and I've taken to losing myself in a book and a glass of wine whenever I can, just to give my mind a rest.

So we'll focus on one task at a time - must concentrate - much to be done - stay on point. But after all the recent hard work - I've decided the next task will have to be an easier one:

In preparation for life on the Emerald Isle, I've decided I must arrive there with a healthy appreciation for Guinness. Only problem there is I don't really like beer and as much as Chris says it's different, when I taste it I disagree. Beer is beer is beer. Ugh.

BUT!!! For the sake of international relations, in the name of my father, for the motherland, for my ancestors, with an eye to our future happiness I've decided to suck it up and try Guinness every chance I get. Never let it be said that I shirked my duty!! Matter of fact, I plan to pick some up today - so there.
Wish me luck.


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Casey said...

Kelly, I am not really a guiness fan either but according to Pat who lived in Ireland for a little over a month and in London for 4 months he swears that Guiness brewed in Ireland is AMAZING. When we were in Italy I was able to have a taste of Guiness that was brewed in Ireland and shipped to Italy and I REALLY DID TASTE A DIFFERENCE!!!! Then again, don't force yourself to drink something if you really dont like it lol.

Love you