27 March 2007

Roll on Mighty Thunder

With only a couple months till we depart, life is becoming a series of "lasts." Here are some photos from the last official Tampa Bay Thunder Lacrosse event we'll be attending. Lacrosse has been good to both of us - we've met so many wonderful people and made some life-long friends...here are some drunk photos of them.....
Some of da boys...
Luke, Rob, Tony and Jim
Hannah (my double for the night) and Ken.
Our lovely hosts, with the kickin' party pad, Bingo & Bobbi.

Frank with assistant coach Ken (ask them how their game went)
Frank with his hot mamma, Jennifer.
Me, with Frank's hot mamma.
East siiiiiiiiiide!!!!!!
Self portraits.....never a good idea.
"OOOOOooohhh!! I ended up getting the entire contents of the storage unit for five dollars!!"
Reid - feelin awesome after he won a Thunder shirt in the raffle
C'mon Pete....just a little kiss???
Hang Loose! Doug & Chris.
Tony & Dougie....early in the night.
Tony & Dougie, after the party started really kickin'.

Dragon and Tiger.
Obviously my double did NOT get the memo about Blue Steel. (Is there anything more pathetic than a silly girl blue-steeling alone?)
Michelle & Rob.
Ralph & Pete.



tina said...

looks like fun...wish i could have been at the party

Helen said...

In the b&w white photo of Kelly and the hot mama Kelly looks like me.

Mrynn said...

Looks like you had a blast. Gotta go out with a bang!