09 April 2007

Anybody need a house?

Hullo - I am Chris and Kelly's House. I am almost empty and available immediately. I don't want to sound too desperate but if anyone could see fit to purchase me, as soon as possible, it'd really be a big help to all three of us. I sure don't want to be lonely once they leave and I really am quite lovely. http://www.baywestrealestate.com/bin/web/real_estate?acnt=AR27391&action=ACTIVATE_FRAMES&tm=&linkout=http%3A%2F%2Fidxpro.cisdata.net%2FIS%2FAR27391%2F10704%2Bneedlepoint

1 comment:

Mrynn said...

Oh House you bring tears to my eyes! I know how lovely you are and I would buy you if I could. )0: