10 April 2007

Traditional Easter game of Bat/Volleyball

Step 1: Take inventory of personnel and equipment...determine course of action

- 11 drunk guys
-1 baseball bat
-1 volleyball

= Street Bat / Volleyball game !

Step 2: Get Warmed Up and Drink more....

Step 3: Hit the ball as hard as you possibly can

Step 4: Keep ball out of tree

Step 5: Award Defensive MVP a fancy hat



Tina said...

Hey there were some girls at Easter...no pictures of them

Anonymous said...

Ha ha , I love the line of "we are not dusting flowers, break some knuckles." that made me laugh. I will use that in some form when I have conditioning for my girls in the beginning of next season.

Chris & Kelly said...

Kristine - how much do I love you and your comment-making? It is entirely possible that I am your biggest fan :)
As for the coaching comment - Chris has lotsa good material...