13 April 2007

Easter Redux

Contrary to Chris's post...volleybat was not the only thing going on Easter Sunday at chez Arnold.
For starters - there were three cute chicks present....

Megs, Teensy & Kelly
So...here's Easter from our perspective....

There was mad cooking going on....mmmmmm....leg o' lamb.

Plenty of cleaning up in the kitchen, afterwards, dishes and whatnot.

Luke keeping Kelly company during cleanup.

Tina bullies boys into eating the last asparagus spears.

Thanks for all the help, Milady.

Reid was so astounded by the level of skillz in the kitchen that he can't even drink properly.

During volleybat we gals entertained ourselves with self portraits.

But the most fun came from getting the guys to do silly poses after each at bat.

I think the Silly Pose rule was written into the volleybat rule-book.

A delightful pair from Team Meathead, enjoying post-game refreshment.

Tony's smiling cause he's full of ham. (Tony eat your ham!!!)

Teensy Tina and not so teensy Pete.

More unsuccessful self portraits, this time from your hosts.

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