04 April 2007

Shhhhhh!! Let's see if he notices the difference....

I've secretly replaced Chris's NCAA lacrosse playoff tickets (see his previous post) with tickets for a John Waters film festival in Baltimore on the very same weekend!!

What a treat for both of us!!!

We'll be able to screen such classics as Female Trouble and Pink Flamingos ("One of the most vile, stupid and repulsive films ever made!!") as well as some of Waters' more recent work.
There's even a Divine Look-Alike Contest that I've secretly entered Chris in (shhh!!) as well as round-table discussions with topics including The Role of the Drag Queen in Popular Culture and The Use Shock Fetishism and Fecal Imagery in Film.
There'll also be an Edith Massey Tribute. Good Times!!

And as if that weren't exciting enough....I've also replaced our Celtic Cup tickets. Instead of three days of watching Irish, English, Scottish and Welsh lacrosse teams battle it out, I've booked us on a week long literary tour of Dublin!! Thrilling!!!!
We'll visit the birth and death places, the haunts and hideouts of literary legends.




Swift! Beckett!! Shaw!! The list goes on......

There will be live performances of plays, more poety readings than we can shake a shillelagh at and re-enactments of some of Irish literature's most famous scenes. One whole day is even dedicated to following in Leopold Bloom's footsteps on June 16, 1904. I'm so excited to spring this surprise on Chris I can barely contain myself!!!!

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