08 August 2007


Brownies are sweet
but Aunts are sweeter.
Cookies are awesome
but Uncles are awesomer.

Got a package of delight in the mail from our four favorite Florida monkeys.
Pictures, art and poetry. It gave us both a grin from ear to ear.
We miss you munchkins so much, it's nice to know you are thinking of us too.
Aunty Teensy Tina was kind enough to collect and mail said package, and for her efforts she was allowed to sit for the above portrait.Love Keeps us together
No matter how far apart we are.
Love is here, Love is there,
Love is in the air.
Love comes love goes
But love stays here.
I love you. You love me.
This is a great family.

Here we are on
the road watching
each other leave.
I'll miss you like
I do. You'll miss me
like you do too 'cause
we're family.

Poetry in motion.


p.s. as an added bonus - we now have delightful sparkles everywhere!
Looks like Tinkerbell exploded in our apartment.


Alli said...

i get to see those delightful children in one week!
that is the sweetest thing ever. i hope my portrait is as glamourous as the drawing of aunt tina...!
aunt alli

Mrynn said...

Thanks for sharing. What beautiful sweek children they are! What are their ages again?

Mrynn said...

I meant sweet not sweek.

Anonymous said...

It really does capture Tina--
cute pies

Catherine said...

Aw! They miss you guys so much :( Hope you guys are enjoying your new digs!