01 August 2007

All day, all night, Maryanne....

Down by the seashore sifting sand.
All the little children love Maryanne.
Down by the seashore sifting sand.

(ok drop the calypso for a moment, important point: everyone loves Maryanne, she is tres lovable.)

We're going back in time, boys and girls. This post has been a long time coming, and for those who demand a linear narrative from their blogs I say...Póg mo thóin!

The final send off before leaving for Ireland was a couple days with my sister Maryanne and her hub, Bobby. These guys are always such giving hosts and this time they truly went out of their way to make us (and our California buddies!) feel welcome and comfortable. They even hosted a big ol' bbq in our honor. In addition to the great company, I love seeing all the progress they've made as they renovate their house and getting cuddles from my favorite four legged nephew: Walnut.

Some party pictures follow. Truly the hostess with the mostest.

Nephew Michael - cooler than the flip side of the pillow. And take a gander at those baby blues...me thinks the girls will be losing themselves in those eyes very soon, if they aren't already.
Casey Lee and her Beau, Pat the Gallant.
Numbers One, Seven, Eight and Ten
Magpie aka Magdelicious, not rocking her signature head tilt and STILL looking gorgeous!

In a family of ten, sometimes the chaos leading up to a family photo is more fun to see than the photo itself.
The outlaws!!

Katie and Luke having a chip and love fest. Just don't give him any more candy Kate!!
Mmmmm, you know when Bobby's manning the grill it's gonna be GOOOOOD!!
Jack & Jesse.
Jack....what I wanna know is, Who's better than you?
And I answer in all sincerity...NO ONE!!
Someday I might have to dedicate an entire post extolling your virtues - they are legion.
Oh yeah, and you're pretty cool too, Jes.

Helen the Ham. But you can call her Hank.

The Kuziws even came all the way from North Carolina to say goodbye!! (ok, they might have had other reasons for visiting, but it was great to spend some time with them just the same.)
Sister Lolly, brother-in-law extraordinaire Charlie, and my brother Tom, a lil' sleepy looking here, but the sweetest guy around, nonetheless.
And when the party' over....you get this!!
Walnut, world's cutest pooch.
Or as I like to call him: Walnut-Butter-Harlan-Pepper- Poopooskadoo!!!

Once again to all our New York peeps, thanks a million for the great send off.
We love & miss you.


Becky said...

Its so nice to see faces with all the names I have heard so much about! What a great fam you got :) Can Luke possibly get any cuter?

Mrynn said...

Thanks for all the wonderful compliments. You know me, I always aim to please. Besides all four of you were great and we all had so much fun. Thanks for all the help.

Love the post and all the great pics!!