14 January 2008

Florence !

Hello ! We took the ol high speed train to Florence yesterday, got here around 1pm.

We paid the extra money to ride in first class on the train, worth every penny ($40) Instead of a 2 1/2 hour ride potential plagued with crying children or smelly neighbors, we sat in power reclining seats next to a window with waiter service. We should have done it on the 5hr trip from Rome to Venice...oh well.

Anyway, now we are in Beckys old stomping ground ( i would put a link here to Beckys blog, but she stopped doing it because apparently shes too busy ) Some of you will remember Becky did a semester abroad last year here in Florence.

Upon arrival yesterday, Kelly & I checked into our hotel which is kinda swanky. I found it online, they market themselves as a internet hotel. There are computers in every room and the lobby and the whole place is wired for internet including wi-fi. Its very modern, just recently remodeled and you have to love a place that uses album cover artwork all around the common areas. They also have an mp3 totem so you can listen to music and hang out in the lounge. Our room is like an apartment, complete with kitchen (which we wont be here long enough to use). Breakfast is included and they have a bar in the lobby...all for $70 a night for a double room.

After checking in to our hotel, we struck out for the center of town. We checked out the Ponte Vecchio, the Duomo and even climbed the 414 stairs of the Campanile (bell tower) and stayed up there for sunset...very nice.

Today we are going to explore some more, then tomorrow we have tickets to the Uffizi Gallery.

Wednesday we are heading back to Dublin and then we will start posting pictures etc.


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Becky said...

Ahhh! Go to the top of the Uffizi and have coffee! Its a great view!

bingo said...


bingo said...

Blah. You've got Italy. We've got that guy.

United States of America= 1
Italy = 0

We win!

Anonymous said...

jim is leaving these dumb coments not me . bobbie and i cant wait to come visit