08 January 2008

Woooohoooo Italy !

We got here on January 3rd and are having a great time. We will post pictures and stories when we get back to Dublin on the 16th.

We spent the first 4 days in Rome, then headed off to Naples via the high speed train. The Naples garbage collectors union is on strike as some of you might have seen on the news, so there is garbage all over the place. Waist high piles on every street corner, freakin disgusting. There are also riots in some neighborhoods near the garbage dumps and elsewhere. Our hotel (that i booked online) was impossible to find even though it was only 2 blocks from the train station. Why you ask? Well, because the area around the train station, besides being full of a weeks garbage, is also the worst neighborhood in Naples. It looked like a cross between the bad part of the Bronx, Tijuana and the movie "Escape from New York"...Kelly and I walked around the block one time, and went back to the train station. We boarded the next high speed train to Rome.

Total time in Naples: 45 minutes   Bye Bye Napoli

I'm sure its a very nice place to visit if you come in by air and go to the coast, but we were not going to stay in a slum like that and watch the garbage riots.

So we're back in Rome and having a great time. Today was sunny and about 60 degrees...very very nice.

We've seen all the sites you come to Rome for. Today we did the Vatican Museum including the Sistine Chapel. Tomorrow we're going to rent a vespa and zip around the lawless roads of Roma.

The Pope says hello.

More later,

Ciao !

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Becky said...

All of my fellow students said the same thing about Naples !(although your description was way funnier)I can't wait for you guys to see Florence :)

Renting a vespa? Kel..you sure about that? Love you guys, be safe! Throw a coin in the Trevi for me!

Alli Arnold said...

how many helmets are you going to have to wear on that vespa, shirl?

i wish i was there!!!


Anonymous said...

You two better be careful!!!
luv mama