11 January 2008

We're not coming back..sorry

We've decided to stay in Venice...it's just too cool...sorry

Venice is built on 117 islands, with 150+ canals and 409 foot bridges connecting them. No cars, no roads...

Just small streets, alleys, nooks and mysterious passageways.

Kelly and I wandered around for 7 hours today exploring, you can't really get lost like you need to be rescued, sooner or later you hit a major canal or the lagoon..its crazy. We havent taken a gondola ride as they are very expensive and its cold & foggy. We did take a vaporetto (water bus) ride from one end of the grand canal to the other though, very cool.

We crossed 51 bridges in our journeys today....isn't that crazy? They are everywhere !

It is a very charming city...only 60,000 people live here and its low season for tourists so its very quiet, no cars...very very nice.

Sorry no pics to post yet, i am ding these updates by email on a slow computer in the hotel lobby.

We leave for Florence on the morning of the 14th. We'll be back in Dublin on the 16th...

Kelly and I have gained 40+ pounds each and need to drink a bottle of wine every hour or we get cranky. We also speak an english/italian hybrid language now which we intend to use for many months to come.

Ciao !


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Alli Arnold said...

I am sure your new English/Italian hybrid language won't annoy anyone AT ALL.

(I am just jealous, yes?)

Anonymous said...

so you guys have food babies again?
How good is the wine? Are you going to learn to crush the wine with your feet?
Sounds like a blast-have you met any friends yet- fellow U.S. citizens?
can't wait for the pictures-
safe travels