24 January 2008

Just Thursday

Hiya Folks. We figured we'd give the Italy posts a rest for a bit, but rest assured, there's more to come. Chris and I each have at least one more Italian post in us. :)

Also look for an I, Keano review by guest blogger MK coming soon.

See how I tease and tantalize with tidbits of info? Like it or not, Dear Reader, you are putty in my hands. Think on it.

In the meantime, here's just a little bit of what's happening here today.

Last night Chris went to a lacrosse meeting and I was lucky enough to reconnect with my friend Rebecca. She brought the wine and dessert while I slaved over a hot stove for about 10 minutes cooking up some yummy Marks & Spencer prepared meals. We both came armed with lots of catching up since we haven't seen each other since before Christmas. Becca is one of my new favorite people since moving to Dublin. She is sharp, sweet, sassy and smart. She's got more energy than any one person has a right to have and cracks me up with her antics and adventures. Every time we hang out I feel rejuvenated and upbeat afterwards and that's a real gift.
Anyway, I mention her enough in e-mails and phone calls back home so I figured it was about time I posted a picture so there can be a face to go with the name. We didn't take any last night but here's one from the softball team's annual meeting / Christmas party.

Oh yeah, did I mention she's a knockout??
Rebecca will be trying out for the women's Irish national team this weekend...after only four months since picking up a stick. Wish her luck!
Go go Sporty Spice!!!

Speaking of Irish National Team tryouts...that occurs this weekend and Christian has his hands full organizing and planning along with the other Dublin lacrosse fellas (plus a couple of the coaches from the States flying over.) Needless to say, all the Irish lads are stoked to have the opportunity to play for their country and Chris is thrilled to be part of it all. He has officially been invited to be part of the coaching staff and personally I think they couldn't have made a better choice.

The games themselves will be in Finland in August and the whole Irish lacrosse community is looking forward to it. They've all been training and working out in preparation for the tryouts. Apparently one of the rigors of tryouts is "fitness testing" which includes a "fat test" using those fat measuring caliper thinga-ma-bobs they use on you when you join a gym. Ha!!! As if I didn't already have multiple reason for not playing lacrosse myself that little morsel of info just sealed the deal. I WILL NOT have my fat content measured in a public forum.

Speaking of working out...while I haven't been exactly exercising I have been trying to take a nice long, brisk walk each day since coming home from Italy. I think I've managed to shed the extra pounds I packed on while there, now I just need to work on the extra few I brought with me from Dublin. Today was a gorgeous day and I got out there for a good solid hour before moving on to my tasks for the day. It was a cold and clear Thursday. The sky was blue!! The sun was visible!! I even had sunglasses on!! Not that I technically needed them but donning them made me feel better

So I may have lost one of the two food babies I was carrying (Luigi, the Italian one) but I still have food baby number one to shed (Declan, the Irish one...duh).
Those that know me know I'd rather be curled up with a good book than breaking a sweat. Sigh.

Speaking of good books...ok, I don't really have anything to contribute on that topic at the moment. But in other news we are excited to be expecting more guests from St. Petersburg. Mike and Bobbi will arrive tomorrow morning and we are totally excited for their visit. I believe it'll be the first European vacation for both of them and since they expressed interest in seeing another city as well as Dublin we took advantage of cheap flights and the four of us will spend a few days in Paris. And you know that makes me happy!!! So, fun with guests in Ireland, then a few days in France and mixed in with all that - lots of lacrosse.

Life is good.


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