25 March 2008

Blue House - Long Beach's Best B&B

Thanks again to Bobby & Maryanne for letting Len and I use Long Beach as home base for our recent trip to New York.

Kelly's family came over Saturday night for dinner, it was great seeing everyone

Uh Kathleen, can you smile please !

In lieu of smiling, please attach things to your nose so Emmet can inspect.

Bobby has put up a chin up bar in his kitchen, Michael was hanging from the thing most of the night.

Eileen was either singing or inspecting shoes, this shoe made her laugh.

Len was happy to have Walnut around, here he inspects him for swollen glands

Emmet & Helen

Jack Santoro Miami PD & Tommy

If you love Hummus raise your hand !

Kellys sister number 1, Eileen and sister number 8, Alli

Always good to see Pat & Casey...you crazy kids

What makes boys happy ? Playing with fire ! woooohoooo

Wish I could have spent more time with everyone...I'll be back in May !



Anonymous said...

I am so proud to be Sister #8 to all Halitgans! Thanks for having me over, too!


Anonymous said...

Actually Alli, that would be #9 as kelly is # 8 . However you could be a co-#8. That would be fine also! it certainly added much to our evening having you there. Love, Helen

Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure to have you both at or house Chris and Len. Thanks for the compliments. We enjoyed having everyone over. Len was great. Charming, polite and greatful for our hospitality. And Ali I'm so glad you were able to make it - it was great to see you!
Sister # 9 I love it!

A couple of sidenotes on the pictures: Kathleen is Pinnochio and Emmet is Geppetto - hence the tongs on her nose and the glasses on Emmets nose

Eileen has her shoe in her hand because she was pretending to be Maxwel Smart.