03 March 2008

Sun & Fun

by Chris

Kelly & I can't stop talking about what a great time we had back in Florida. The long awaited return to the Sunshine State didn't disappoint. We had a great time spending time with my family in St Augustine. After 2 years, my Mom's house is now completely decorated and ready for Architectural Digest to bestow an award on her for her amazing interior design & decorating skills. Even though we didn't grow up there, it sure feels like home.

This picture is of me telling the story about the lovely older ladies who Kelly shared a hospital room with in Dublin...but notice the decor of my Mom's house.

(Aunt Jackie and Aunt Kathleen sharing a laugh over coffee)

Seems just like yesterday (Oct 2005) that Mom walked into that house for the first time.

Alot has happened since we packed Mom in her truck (and her 4 cats!) and left NY for greener (and much hotter) pastures.

I also got to spend quality time with my womb mate Brian, in St Augustine as well as St Pete Beach. We stayed at Brian's house in Madeira Beach for two nights, but we also had time to go out for lunch on two occasions, including an all you can eat Crab Leg Bonanza! What says "Florida" more then sitting at a table ripping apart 3 lbs of crab legs and washing it down with beer ?How about floating around a pool supported by styrofoam pool noodles !

Another highlight of our trip was finally getting to spend time with Jim & Nancy. After spending 13 years working together every day, it was really good to see Jim and what better way to catch up? An evening cruise on their new boat "Pulp Fishin II" !

Jim & Nancy took us and our friends out from their house on Capri Isle to Gator's on John's Pass for dinner & drinks. We got to hang out and enjoy the warm summer-like evening with Jim & Nancy as well as their neighbors Chris & Debbie and as an added bonus Jim Sr flew down from NJ ! woooohoooo just like old times ! We even got to see a sea turtle :)

Jim has perfected being a Captain. I served as First Mate which these days entails making sure I warn everyone before Jim guns it, pointing out wildlife and making sure the Captains beer is handy. (Back in the day my First Mates duties included informing Jim why we shouldn't chum the water when we scuba dive, getting seasick and throwing up)

Ahhhh Florida. Moving away really makes us realize what a truly special place it is.

We'll be back next year !

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