15 March 2008

The two J's

Niece Julia and her friend Josette (our adoptive niece for the week)
came for a visit.
Beautiful, talented, lively, hilarious and always willing to ham it up for the camera...
never a dull moment with these girls.
Here are some of the highlights, in no particular order.

Josette's Memorable Quote of the Trip: "I'm not against midgets or anything but I would never put little midget legs in my mouth."
Here Julia demonstrates she has no such problem
with little midget arms.

A tour of Kilmainham Jail.

Josette discovers...
...rugby boys will......pick you up in a heartbeat...... all you gotta do is ask.
A return to the scene of the crime.

Julia and Josette demonstrate how to rock the V.I.P. area
(thanks Becca!!)

Birthday boy, Michael, along with his fat old married friends, collectively known as the fifth, sixth and seventh wheels.
Eric and Chris demonstrate - well - frankly, I am not really sure what they are demonstrating.
Paddy teaching Julia the words (for the third time) of the old traditional Irish drinking song Seven Drunken Nights
"As I went home on a Monday night, as drunk as drunk could be..."
Josette discovers a lacrosse boy will also pick you up if you ask.
(It helps to be tiny and adorable.)

Hooray for Emmets!!!!
The grave of my Great Grandfather Andrew and his brother John.
We didn't bring flowers but we left them an offering just the same.

The girls brought pretty dresses. (please note how Josette accessorizes her dress with a pair of fuzzy red ankle socks.)

Me, Jo, Jule and Becca at The Barge.
There was much dancing and merrymaking.

On our roadtrip with the girls and guys of the UCD lacrosse teams we went to Cork and Limerick. Spreading the good news of lacrosse in exhibition games and doing some sightseeing as well.
Above is King John's Castle in Limerick. This picture I post specifically for Luke, who up until recently did not believe castles were real.

At the castle Josette met King John and received his Royal Decree that is was to be the nastiest weather Ireland has seen in years on that very day.
We rebelled in the only way we knew how...by following the self guided tour in a clockwise fashion, instead of the counter clockwise direction the lady at the desk instructed us to.
We are crazy!! You can not stop us!!! Down with the King!!

Limerick was great, we got to hang out in its coolest pub, Nancy Blakes, and meet a friend Julia had made on a previous trip to Ireland. Keith was gracious enough to bring us to another pub, Dolan's, where we got to see a wonderful trad session.

But the best part of the whole trip and the biggest highlight for me was just getting to spend some quality time with my beloved niece. Julia, I think the world of you and time spent together is precious. You are absolutely beautiful, inside and out and I'm so proud of your creativity, your drive and your talent. Thanks for the visit!!



Anonymous said...

Great post, Shirl! I am jealous and wish I was there, but I am going to try to keep that to myself.

And HOLY GORGEOUS JULIA! My word. So pretty...


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