05 March 2008

More Florida Highlights

A random assortment of things
I loved about our recent trip to Florida...

Hanging out at Megan & Ken's. They were great hosts - ready to feed, water and put up anybody we added to the posse. For real, folks: eggplant parm for dinner the first night, an amazing taco and margarita spread the next, a hot breakfast each morning...these kids were great, giving us free rein in their home and making us all feel comfortable about it.

If you are ever in Tampa I recommend Chez Megaken.

It was a little strange to be in our old 'hood, across the street from our old house yet unable to "go home." We've had so many good times in the Mysterious Northwest Corner (as we were dubbed by another neighbor) it was nice to return to scene of the crime. I will admit to a desperate urge to peer inside our old home and see what they've done with the place - but I resisted.

Believe it or not, I haven't seen a single thing like this
since leaving Florida.
Dressing up Suzanne's bizarre-gets-swollen-in-any-kind-of-heat left ankle in a Christmas Stocking.
By the way, Becky, the Irish Gimp is still waiting for you to Google her an answer on this strange situation.
Big highlight: having my trusty sidekick back for the whole week.

Sadly though, I didn't manage to get even one good photo of me and Teensy Tina together. Argh! But this one of "little" Alli and Tina standing nose to nose cracks me up.
They are just about the same size!!!
"But ah!" you say. "Alli has got a little heel on her sandal."
I reply to you, so does Tina!! And if that's not adorable enough for you - Alli's shoes used to be Tina's!!!

Anyway...back on point. In addition to having her at my side the whole week, I got to spend a night at Teensy's, always a treat. She even loaned me Jack the Cat for the night and he did, as hoped, allow me to bury my face in his furry belly.
Sigh. Happiness is a warm cat.

I miss my little-big sister and best friend so much.
(Come for a visit Tiny T!!!)
Tony!!! Who is cooking you dinner? Why don't you come over tonight and I'll cook a nice lasagna?

Our trip to Florida made me realize the one thing
I think I miss the most:
Having a big house was OK, a big kitchen was even better, but I don't miss those things in and of themselves. What I do miss is the opportunity they gave us to entertain, have people over, cook a hearty dinner for whatever hungry friends and family we could find. Sometimes planned in advance, sometimes at the last minute - having the room and resources to bring people together was a fortunate experience for us, one that I will always be grateful for. Even luckier for us,
we always had the best bunch of people to choose from.
Now Tony...what time will you be here for dinner?

Fun with da goyles.

I neglected to take pictures of all my sideline buddies but thanks to everyone that came and hung out with us at the games. Ken G. did a bang up job of organizing the Tampa Jam lacrosse tournament & after-party and I was pleased as punch at getting a chance to hook up with the whole crowd at once. I miss our F-L-A friends and wish I could import the whole group over here.

After our time with them in St. Augustine it was a great bonus to get more kid-time while on the west coast. They even spent some time with us at the Miramar. We played shuffleboard and ran around and made funny faces for the camera and walked on the beach and ate ice cream. Also a shout-out to Daddy Brian for putting the posse up for a couple days and welcoming the impromptu lacrosse party that descended on his house one night.
Another highlight...Beck-a-Roo!!!! She came over to Megaken's for Tacos & 'Ritas and the next night me, Teensy & Suze returned the favor and held up one end of her bar all night while she worked. She's a hoot, that kid and I miss her too.
Doesn't Becky look AMAZING??

A quick rundown of more things I loved:

Packing a month's worth of social activity into a week.

Hearing people compliment our blog and thinking "Wow! people are really reading this? We need to step up our game."

Getting some time (not enough!!) with my Shirl.

Wearing flip-flops.

Getting to know Joe C. better (silver medal winner in the SPBTC and former resident of Dublin.)

Warmth and that strange yellow thing in the sky that burned my eyes.

Shopping with Tina & Suzanne.

More than one trip to Target.

I know Chris mentioned this in another post but I have to repeat - the AMAZING night we had with the Watkins clan: boat trip, boat drinks, waterside restaurant, sea turtle, great company - it really was great.


and finally......
What's better than catching up with old friends at the beach?

Pretending you are America's Next Top Model with old friends at the beach.
(Tyra told me to elongate my neck next time, but thankfully I am STILL in the running to become America's Next Top Model)



Anonymous said...

Aww! So fun! Its so nice y'all got to see all your Florida peeps. I wish I was there for the Tampa time, too...I always wish I was side by side with my Shirl.

Have a great time with J & J!


Anonymous said...

Well I did google "Swollen Foot", "Crazy Irish Girl", and "heat" together and I could find nothing! Nothing besides a whole bunch of shoe stores over there where she kind find orthopedic shoes and supportive hose and socks. Sounds sexy!!! I don't think the red stocking is helping any!

It was great to see you guys! Kel thanks for compliment, you are too kind!!!