11 August 2008

Go Team Ireland Go !

Sorry for the lack of activity, but Kelly & have been very, very busy...why you ask ?

We're in Lahti, Finland for the European Lacrosse Championships !

Day 7

In the men's division, there are 18 teams competing for the title, including Team Ireland...hey who is that coach ?

Team Ireland ended round one with a record of 4-1 with wins over Wales, Switzerland, Latvia & Spain and one loss to tournament favorites England.

We go into the second round tomorrow, we can't end up any lower than 6th place overall which is a big improvement over the 2004 Euros where Team Ireland finished 7th of 12 teams.

I've been super busy with Team stuff, but I will have some free time over the next few days to get some blogging done.

Stay tuned for more pics and stories from the European Championships and Kelly & Patrice's Scandinavian Adventure !

1 comment:

DJ said...

YEAH BABY!! Go get 'em lads. I'm here cheering for ya wet coast stylie. Only thing, I need recaps!

Can't tell ya how proud I am of you and the boys Chris. Keep up the tempo and take it to 'em!