15 August 2008

Side Trip!

With two days off between the second round and the European Championship finals, Kelly and I had an opportunity to go somewhere else we have never been....Estonia !

We took the train from Lahti to Helsinki where we boarded a ferry with our travel partners, Michael & Patrice, bound for Estonia 2 hours across the Gulf of Finland.

Our destination was the capitol of Estonia, Tallinn

An absolutely beautiful and surprisingly charming city in the former Soviet republic.

A small city with lots to see and do. We had great weather and were happy just to walk around and explore.

We even stumbled across an archery place near the old city walls.

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral....wow !

A nifty boot shaped gutter downspout...cool.

We had a wonderful dinner at a cafe' on the main square....look at all the delicious items on this menu.

We ordered from the english menu, but made sure to try authentic local dishes including caviar and of course.....vodka.

Na zdorovia !

Kelly and Patrice both had this yummy chicken dish above

I had the Filet Stroganoff below

Michael had some sort of meat stew that came in a pot with a loaf of bread on top.

Living the good life in Tallinn.

Na Zdorivia....again !

It was a bit cool in the evening, so they gave us blankies...very comfy

St Olaf's Church (below) was the tallest building on Earth when it's spire was built in 1549 ...it held the record until 1625 !

A really great trip, Tallinn really caught us all off guard with its charm.

We stayed overnight at a really cool courtyard hotel right in the middle of the old town for only 30 euros each !

We're very happy we made the effort to visit Tallinn, it was worth the trip.

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Becky said...

Very cool guys! Looks like a nifty place to go with lots of warm blankies!!!