31 August 2008


What's this ? A weekend with no plans ? How the? What the?

Hooray !

We approached this weekend with plans of...doing nothing. Sleeping in, watching tv and maybe a walk about town were potential tasks...we accomplished these tasks and more !

We started off Saturday at around 10am-ish by heading into town on foot. We live in town so this wasn't too difficult. We stopped at Starbucks for some go-go juice first.

Starbuck's is right across the street from our building, as you can see in the background.

After the leisurely 7-10 minute walk to the top of Grafton Street we were greeted by the throngs of tourists and weekend people who apparently converged on Grafton Street at the same time.

Our destination was Temple Bar, at night a touristy bar/pub scene, but on Saturdays there is a book fair......
...and a Farmer's market.

This picture doesnt do the market justice at all. there are loads of cool vendors selling artisan breads, fresh veggies, baked goods, organic coffee and ready made treats.

After getting some olives, hummus, cucumber and fresh bread we headed back to the house via the dvd rental joint to finish up on watching season 3 of....

If you're not familiar with Prison Break, it ok. The first season is great but as the story develops it just frustrates you...but still decent enough to watch.

We returned the dvd's and picked up a couple of other movies and all the fixins for dinner..

BLT's....yummy...all in all, a very relaxing and peaceful Saturday.


Kelly said...

I disagree with the Hub, DO NOT watch Prison Break. It is an exercise in frustration.


Anonymous said...

Chris isn't hummus a little too shall we say Exotic" for you?
Love always, Helen

Chris said...

I like all foods.

Truth be told Helen, I probably wouldn't eat much hummus if it wasn't for your sister. We routinely have falafel, baba ghenoush and hummus....you would think we live in Lebanon.

When we first moved to Dublin, we lived near a Lebanese restaraunt and ate there at least once a week. It is still one of Kelly's favorite places to go.