21 August 2008

Summer Lacrosse Re-Cap

Ok, so I'm pretty much always doing something lacrosse related...but this summer has been even more packed with lacrosse then usual. How thats possible, I don't know.

In May I made the annual pilgrimage to the NCAA Championships and met up with all my Tampa lacrosse boyz...and brought some Irish lacrosse guys with me. They all hit it off and we had a great time...big surprise.

I got back to Ireland just in time to pack my stuff and head to China to begin working for a lacrosse company. I spent 5 weeks in Beijing doing lacrosse stuff all day, and then when I wasn't working, I hung out with lacrosse guys and played lacrosse.

I was able to play on a tournament team called the LaxPats...a collection of lax guys from all over the place who were working in China. Some of the guys from my office as well as John Fay who knows Tony,Rob, Kirk etc from Tampa and even a guy I was in the Army with, Jeff...small world huh !

We not only played in the Beijing Tournament, but won the whole thing ! Hooray us !

I got back to Ireland just in time for 4 days of Team Ireland training camp, then off we went to Finland for two weeks to compete in the European Championships.

Team Irleand finished in 6th place out of 18 European teams... great job !

In other lacrosse news, Ireland lacrosse lost one of our core people when Joe Garvey moved back to the Long Island in the beginning of August. See ya around Joe.

Its hard to tell if Joe is happy in this picture because he is moving back near his girlfriend, or because he's like 3 feet taller then Matt Walsh....


Veronica said...

Hey there,
I just noticed that you had a post on my blog requesting info on how to see what countries people who visit your blog are from. I see you added one of the feed it gadgets on your blog. There is also another that you can watch in real time and see how people found your blog too. You can click on my blog then go down on the right side and then click on my gadget and get one of those too. I like it because you can really see if anyone is googling you as well.
You have an amazing blog. great job
Take Care

Anonymous said...

oh no prauge stuff i see lol. at least you didnt use words like charming and breathtakeing

Anonymous said...

here is a lax website. perhaps your company can do some advertising on it, Chris.LaxSpot.com
it has 1000 registered users users can create their own groups to communicate with with teams or alumni. FYI, Helen

Chris said...

Thanks Helen, I'll check it out !