12 October 2008

Countdown to the Big Trip

by Chris

Well having been back in Dublin for over a month, its about time for another trip. This one is, of course, lacrosse related, but still special. It is the Mother of all Lacrosse trips.

19 days

I had several trips planned so I just made them into one long trip. During this trip I'll be traveling through Germany, Switzerland & Austria.

First stop : Karlsruhe, Germany. I'm taking my college club team, men's & women's, on our first road trip of the season. We're playing games against teams from Karlsruhe, Heidelberg & Frankfurt. We'll be in Karlsruhe for 5 days with the one sidetrip to Heidelberg.

After the kids all head back to Dublin, I'm going on a 9 day sales trip by train for work. I'll be stopping at lacrosse clubs in Stuttgart & Freiburg, Germany before crossing the border into Switzerland.

Using Zurich has my home base I will make day trips to St. Gallen, Wettingen and Bern and visit with cousin Michael and his family in Zurich.

I will then hit the rails again and strike out for Salzburg, Austria, then visit lacrosse friends in Vienna...before heading back to Germany to Gottingen where I will be coaching for 5 days.

whew...i'm tired just thinking about it.

I'm not leaving for another 2 weeks and there a bunch of stuff going on this week as well, so stay tuned !

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