05 October 2008

I will not zip up at the ankles...

Can someone please tell me if skinny jeans are here to stay?
Cause I really do NOT want to go back there.

What's next? High waisted Bongos pegging into white Reebok high tops with an oversized ID shirt tucked in then billowed out?


I think I am old enough to ignore trends, or at least pick and choose which ones I want to adopt, and still look cool.
Or am I too old to worry about looking cool? Oh jeez, have I just horribly dated myself by talking about 'looking cool?'

Ya know what? I am too old for all that shit. The jeans, the concern...all of it.

I'll stick with the jeans I have.



Becky said...

They might be here for a bit longer and only for size 0 models. Don't fret Kel, there are plenty of us who will not revert back to that horrible horrible invention known as the skinny jean!!

Anonymous said...

I was people watching for awhile last week in Nyc and was astounded by the amount of super skinny jeans I saw people wearing and also by the number of ladies cruising down B'way in super high heels. OUCH! Helen

Anonymous said...

Actually, being as I have skinny, skinny legs and no hips to speak of and a pretty decent arse, and I'm short; like 4'11" short, I like skinny jeans. That being said, being as I'm 53 years old, I probably shouldn't wear them. They look better on me than bell bottoms though. I certainly wouldn't get nor wear the skinny jeans in the picture. Also, being as a have a little teeny weeny mid-age belly, I love pants that go just under my belly button. High enough to "hold in" what needs to be held in but not so high as they're up to my ever lowering boobs. Oh, I'm sorry, is this TMI?
guess who

Anonymous said...

I saw a show on Oprah not too long ago, maybe last year?? Those two british woman, anyone know who I'm talking about> Anyway they said skinny jeans are for noone! So just b/c its a trend does not mean that is what we have to do. I veto skinny jeans. And high waisted pants as well. Oh and tucking in my shirt. I recently saw a picture of myself w/ high waisted pants and my shirt tucked in. Hello, I'm 4ft 9 inches why didn't anyone tell me it looked gross?