31 October 2008

UCD Lacrosse goes to Karlsruhe, Germany

The Bock Auf Lacrosse Tournament in Karlsruhe was a big success for UCD. Both Men's and Women's teams took first place and took home the trophy !
Karlsruhe is a beautiful city tucked away into the Southwest corner of Germany. It is the warmest area of Germany and rarely receives significant snowfall. The city was planned before being built so it is well organized and has a famously easy to use and efficient system of public transportation.
The kids had a great time nursing their hangovers by exploring Karlsruhe and being goofy as usual.
While some of the kids climbed to the tower of the castle, Moffet & Flopsy decided to take a nap in the fountain out front. They had purchased reflective vests and Christmas ear muffs earlier in the day just so we wouldnt lose them.

One by one the kids left for Dublin via 3 different airports until only Springer (above) and I were left. We spent the last day touring the castle and its gardens as well as the Botanical Gardens where the Dahlias were in full bloom.
Considering I started this trip by stepping in baby poop at the airport, it ended up being a great trip and a great first leg in my 19 day European Lacrosse tour of Germany, Switzerland and Austria....next stop, Zurich !


Kelly said...

And where, pray tell, will that monstrosity of a trophy live?

Your wife

Chris said...

Is that a trick question? That baby goes front and center on the ol' mantle with a spotlight on it so the shiny reflective hindquarters of the goats dazzle all those who enter our home.

We are very lucky to have a goat trophy !

Flopseye said...

I thought Kelly was sleeping on the couch and you were sleeping with the trophy.

j blunt said...

coach arnold, thinking about heading to europe and have a few q's about lax there... jesblunt@hotmail.com

- jesse blunt (former freedom high coach)