28 October 2008

Rage Against the Dying of the Light

This weekend Daylight Savings Time ended
and Seasonal Affective Disorder Time started.

Looking out my office window at 4:30 I wondered if some freak storm was rolling in, it was so dark outside. Then I realized it was just DARK out. And it's still October!! What the hell is December gonna be like?

I guess I am spoiled from several years in Florida, where an October day has about 11.2 hours of sunlight. Today there was like 8 hours of daylight in Dublin (notice I left the word sun out that equation.) Eight!!! EIGHT!?!?! Count 'em, people, count 'em!!!

Eight measly little hours of weak, cold, gray light.

Eight paltry hours parceled out like dried fruit from a miser's hand

Eight meager hours of.......okay, okay, you get the point.
I'd just like to point out that, like most of you poor schlepps, I work eight hours a day.
Are ya doing the math??

I need my 3.2 hours of sunshine back.

I realize I won't get much sympathy from you New Yorkers out there. Though you're still getting at least an hour more daylight than Dublin so you can keep your wisecracks to yourself.

But thanks for letting me vent and never fear, your intrepid heroine will not let this defeat her.
I will not go gentle into that good night.



Lonely Paul said...


Anonymous said...

Being that I used to live in grey and rainy Seattle, and I currently live in New York City (of the endless freezing winters), I am eligible to give you tips to help you through the long, dark, cold, wet months.

1. Get a pair of Uggs (or some other comfy footwear that just the thought of their coziness makes you smile).

2. Treat yourself to one cashmere sweater, and wear it all the time. Don't save it for a special occasion.

3. Make yourself a cup of tea every afternoon. It becomes a comforting ritual that you look forward to.

4. Go somewhere sunny in January or February if you can.

5. Remember that it's not going to be this way forever.

Hang in there, European Shirl. There's always those special UV lightbulbs, too :)

xoxo NYC Shirl

Becky said...

I think what lonely Paul means to say is he completely agrees. (???)

Kel I feel for you, it rains here for 2 days and I find myself listening to Lou Reed and writing horrible poetry. Maybe you need to spend some more time here!!!!

Eileen said...

We start daylight savings time this weekend. I think last year they pushed it back a week. I know it's darker in the early morning, but since I rarely see the early morning I don't seem to care! I'm dreading the early darkness. By 8 o'clock I feel like it's time to go to bed! Kelly, I'd love to give you words of wisdom, but, frankly, I have none. I could never live in such bleak weather. But try some of Allie's, she sounds like she knows what she's talking about. I like #4, particularly if the someplace warm you go to is Naples Florida!!! Eileen

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should invest in one of those light therapy lamps. Seriously.