13 December 2008

Chooo Choooo Kelly is on the train !

Kelly is coming ! After she flies from to Dublin to Frankfurt she will take the train to Gottingen where I will meet her at the train station like this :

except I dont have curly hair...or any hair actually

and I'll let her get off the train first...and she's not Japanese

and I won't be wearing a suit...and I'm not Japanese either.

and she doesn't lift her leg like that when I kiss her...or have a suitcase like that.

and she doesnt like it when I pick her up (in all fairness its because I dropped her on her head once)...but you get the idea !


Alli Arnold said...

I don't think the dude is picking the girl up in the last picture as much as she appears to be velcro'd to his torso.

Rebecca Steinorth said...

haha!!! Cute Chris!!!