03 December 2008

Tommy & Mary Ann

Buffalonians Tommy & Mary Ann were in town over Thanksgiving, we had a great time showing them around Dublin.

The first two days of their visit, including Thanksgiving, Kelly was away on business. I took charge of the ol' sightseeing duties and we covered many of the must-sees including Trinity College & the Book of Kells.

T & M also took the tour bus on ther own with a stop at THE must see historical site in Dublin, Kilmainham Gaol.

Tommy & Mary Ann spent Thanksgiving visiting a convent where a friend lives, afterwords Sister Stunt Driver dropped them off on the railroad tracks near our house.

Kelly was back on Friday afternoon, so Saturday morning we went out to the Farmer's Market in Temple Bar..a favorite weekend stop for us.

Uncle Tommy couldn't walk past the fresh oyster place without having a taste.

One fresh jumbo oyster and a shot of wine please !

I opted for the Roasted Lamb sandwich....and contemplated buying a dead duck.

A great time was had by all and we were sorry we had to ship them off to Spain.

We had many good laughs...including Tommy & Mary Ann demonstrating their special nighttime breathing machine thingys....they looked like scuba divers or astronauts. I'm convinced their huffing something illegal, once they had their machines on at night they were giggling like children.

Thanks for visiting !


Anonymous said...

I once had a Buffalonion boyfriend, I swear it's true.
Looks like it was a grand visit. Would have loved to be there.
Love, H.
PS Chris dod your dad tell you I saw him a couple of weeks ago ?

tina haltigan said...

Uncle Tom and Maryanne look good but I think they will be happy back in warm Florida...I can't wait to see them

Chris said...

Yes Helen, I forgot to email you, thanks for stopping by and saying hello to my Dad.

Anonymous said...

There sounds like there is a story behind "Sister Stunt Driver" - do tell! --Moira

Chris said...

I gave directions to the nun driving them home which included "after you pass the streetcar tracks just pull over and call me, I'll come out and find you"

They took this to mean drive on to the steercar tracks and pull into the station !

When I came out of my building I saw a car on the streetcar only area, reversing slowly with Uncle Tommy next to it giving hand signals....and a streetcar was coming !

Brian said...

Hi there –

This is a note left for pure whimsy.

I'm an M.A. student doing research at the moment on an old newspaper, The Irish People.

I've been mostly rummaging through dry journals, court proceedings and academic texts. In a fit of fevered googling I came across a posting of yours from a couple of years back about the printer of that newspaper, John Haltigan – which broke the monotony.

Anyway, thought you might like to know that someone was reading pages of work that your great great grandfather had printed.

If you're interested the National Library has some issues.


tina haltigan said...

thanks for that Brian....Kelly, Chris go check it out...

Rebecca Steinorth said...

These two look like a hoot!

Kelly said...

Brian - sorry for my delayed reaction to your comment - but thanks for it just the same!

Am curious about your research and why it's led you to the Irish People and what you may have learned about it. What are you working on specifically?

Chris and I have done a lil' research of our own and found the originals in the national archives (on Kevin Street I think) It was a small thrill for me.

Anyway - shoot me an email if you ever need to feel someone is interested in the details of your academic work - I'd be fascinated to hear about it.