08 December 2008


Guten Tag !

I'm in Germany for 10 days doing my coaching bit with the Grasshoppers of Gottingen.

For those of you unfamiliar with Gottingen, it is smack dab in the middle of Germany in Lower Saxony. Read more about Gottingen here

Its a very old & beautiful city that was spared major bombing in World War 2 due to its historical significance as a University town. Apparently there was an unspoken agreement that if the Germans didn't bomb Cambridge and Oxford the Allies wouldn't bomb Heidelberg and Gottingen.

There are many old buildings in Gottingen, including a bunch of churches.

The population of Gottingen is around 130,000.....25,000 of which are students. When not in class they ride around in gangs on bikes.

I've never seen so many bikes. They are parked everywhere and are zipping all over the place.

Being in Germany is always fun, if for no other reason to see the famous attention to detail and observance of rules in action. example a) every bike has a light, front and back.

and b) every kid is wearing a reflective safety vest when walking about.

My apartment here is right across the street from the University, so I hang out in their modern library to get internet access.

Although it is cold out, that just means its almost Christmas...and that means....

Christmas Market Time!

Hot Gluhwein with Rum for everyone !


Rebecca Steinorth said...

Soooo cool. Say hello to my fatherland! Steinorth's Forever!

Anonymous said...

man chris thats awsome i wish i was you

Anonymous said...

Aufweidesein!( Don't forget to get bosomhausers for all of your sister-in-laws).
Sounds and looks great.Thanks for the post.Love,Helen

Brian said...

How funny is the safety-vest mandate ? Awesome. I laugh everytime I see it. I've also outfitted all my children with vests and helmets. When they complain I tell them "If you were German...." :)