27 December 2008

Who are you & what have you done with my wife !

It would appear the Irishification of my wife is complete. Not as bad as turning to the Dark Side, but it still snuck up on me.

Now, I admit although I don't have an Irish accent, I do occasionally turn a phrase the way the Irish do. Kelly works in an Irish office, so is completely immersed in Irishness and Irish speak all day. The chickens finally came home to roost yesterday evening.

Kelly: I want some sweets.
Chris: Theres some chocolate in the kitchen
Kelly: No, I want something chewy like Wine Gums
Chris: Excuse me ?
Kelly: What?
Chris: What did you say ?
Kelly: I want something chewy like Wine Gums....do you think the shoppe is still open this late on St Stephens Day? probably not.
Chris: What the fuck is a Wine Gum ?
Kelly: You know, we've had them before...they have wine names on them and are gummy candies.
Chris: Did you say Shoppe ?
Kelly: You know what I'm talking about
Chris: Gummy bears ?
Kelly: Like Gummy bears, they are Wine Gums...you see them everywhere, they are next to the till at every shoppe.
Chris: Good Christmas woman, did you just say "till at the shoppe" ? You mean the Gummy Wines are next to the register at the store ?

Wine gums (or winegums) are chewy, firm sweets similar to gumdrops, except they are not sugar-coated. They are manufactured from animal gelatin, mixed with sweeteners, flavourings and colourings. They are extremely popular in Ireland and the United Kingdom, as well as in Commonwealth nations such as Canada, New Zealand, Malta and South Africa, and other northern and middle European countries. Popular brands include Bassett's (or Maynards in Canada, the UK and Ireland).


psha said...

I noticed Kell's accent the last time she was hear- and of course she denied it all-lol

Anonymous said...

I'll take a wee package please!