06 March 2009

Good Days

Some days are just better then others. Some days are much better then others.

Some days you remember for the rest of your life.

This day, was one of those days. Back in 2001, Kelly & I went up to the visit The Wights at Bear Lake in Pennsylvania. What a beautiful place.

Too bad the locals are insane.

Ok actually just the male Wights are insane, their spouses are normal, example A, Patty aka Mrs Ned Wight....

or so you think...until she refuses to actually speak to you, but will only use full body sign language to convey her messages....cuckoooooooooo.

Ok so they are a little eccentric, thats fine, lets eat !

Whats for dinner Clayton ?

Its Funny Meat Night we're told...huh ?

Oh yeah, Dad went out and bought some Bear, Kangaroo, Buffalo, Beaver and some other assorted Funny Meats...he just has to prepare the grill.

Ok, I'm only kidding of course (about the grill, not the meat). Our dear friends the Wights are the shining examples of hospitality and really know how to have a good time.

It could have something to do with the home brew....yummy.

We canoed, hiked, picked blueberries, talked around the backyard fire, laughed around the fire and just relaxed....

but the thing I remember most, was the picture perfect, beautiful fall day that we all played horseshoes.

Some days are just much, much better then others.

Thanks again Wights. You guys really are the best.

(even though you're a bunch of wackos)

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