12 March 2009


While in Germany, I coach here in Göttingen as well as at their partner club, Kassel, 40km south. This evening I'll hop on the train to have a practice with the Raccoons.

Kassel is in the next State south, Hessen, as opposed to Lower Saxony where I spend most of my time here. One of the best things about traveling is learning more about the places I get to visit.

Kassel has a rich history, read more about it here

Unfortunately, I don't have my camera with me, but this is what the Kassel Team looks like.

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Anonymous said...

thealYou don't have your camera!!!!!!!! JEEEEZ!!!! How will those of us who live vicariously through your travels know what's going on?
Is Kassel the place with the huge statue on the mountain not far from town? I'd ask you to take a picture of it, but I guess that's not possible.