20 March 2009

Malmo, Sweden

Malmo is located in the far South of Sweden directly across the Oresund Straight from Copenhagen. Ferries used to be the only way to get across, but just a few years ago they built a bridge...so Kelly and I crossed it via train to visit the Swedes.

The bridge and the roads connecting it are 16km long making it the longest border crossing in the world.

We traveled on a Monday....a very chilly Monday.

Malmö is Swedens 3rd largest city with a population of 250,000

We were disappointed to learn the architecture and design center was closed on Mondays, as we were keen to study some of that famous Scandinavian designed furniture that inspired IKEA and the lot.

So we headed to Malmö Castle.

Its a Renaissance era castle built in the 1530s by King Christian III of Denmark. Not the most impressive castle, thats for sure. Kelly said it looked more like a button factory.

It as also covered in birds and bird poop.

We had a hot chocolate at the cafe and played with our new swedish money.

From outside the castle you can see the Turning Torso, Swedens tallest building.

and you can see a windmill.

So back downtown we strolled...very clean with nifty architecture as you woukld imagine.

It was a nice, lazy (COLD) monday morning.

Before we caught the train back we spent our last 158 Kroners on lunch at Pizza Hut, not one of our usual stops. They had a lovely lunch buffet that was really quite good !

and that was the end of Malmo.

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Alli Arnold said...

Sad castles, bird poop and Pizza hut? I can skip Malmo. Thanks for saving me the trip.