12 July 2009

ahhh Summer

Summer in Dublin...its a crime its so short

As we pack and get ready to move, I'm thinking about things I'll miss...

Now that its finally hit me that I'm moving, I'm sad....I'm gonna miss my boys, the UCD Lacrosse clowns....

Luckily, I'll get to see them all the time at tournaments and what have you....but their insanity is really quite charming....they really grow on you...

Look at this picture, after we won Dublinfest....this picture says it all.

Cal in the back has just pantsed Jrock, who is apparently wearing Underoos, Flopsy in the orange is doing his glamour shots stance, Dara far right is doing his "you cant see me i'm invisible", Paddy to the right of me is about to steal Captain Underoo's beer, Mark2 to the left of me is about to change into the DrunkHulk and Moffet in the front...is....Good God, where did we find this kid.

One of the reasons I love this new age of technology we live in...for little treasures like this.

X24 Wight, brother of Claytonious Maximus, and his wife Kelly (the OTHER Chris & Kelly) were at a market in the South End in Boston and Christopher shot a picture of this gem...the only suitcase you'll ever need.

Thanks to digital cameras, email, the internet and blogs we can all share a little chuckle.

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