05 July 2009

A Rose by Any Other Name Would be Spelled Bláth

True story:
Co-worker, looking at a message, just before returning a call to the US: "Paddy spelled with two T's? That's gotta be wrong."
Me: "No, that's right. P-a-t-t-i-e, or with a Y."
Co Worker: "Paddy is spelled with DDs."
Me: "Not when it's a girls name and short for Patricia."
All three co-workers in room: "Paddy is a GIRL'S name?!?! That's so WEIRD!!"

Which inspired me to share a little fun with Irish names....
Real names of real people I've met, none of them uncommon here, pronunciations (sure to confound and amaze) in brackets:

Grainne (Grawnya)
Aisling (Ashling)
Torlough (Turlock)
Muireann (Muhrinn)
Donagh (Doanuh - A man's name)
Donal (Doanul - also a fella)
Eadaoin (Aydeen)
Paraic (Pawric)
Siobhan (Shavon)
Eilish (Aylish)
Sinead (Shinnade)
Eoghan (Owen)
Eoin (Owen)
Aoife (Eefah)
Niamh (Neeve)
Dearbhail (Dervil)
And my two faves...for the sheer absurdity of their spelling:
Sadhbh - pronounced Sive
Caoimhe - pronounced Queeva

Just a little tidbit to float your boat today.


Alex said...

My favoutite is Niamh and CLÍODHNA
read - Kleena,chcek this website there are etymology and history of names.


~Tessa~Scoffs said...

We've got a little fella round here named Padraig pronounced porrig.

~Tessa~Scoffs said...

P.S. I should introduce myself: I come from the Haltigans as well.

tina haltigan said...

Tessa you are a Haltigan...that is great. Where do you fit in the Haltigan family tree???