15 July 2009

National Gallery

This weekend we scratched one of our to-do's off our list before we leave Ireland....the National Gallery !

They have an impressive collection and a nice easy layout in big rooms, good for wandering.

Caravaggio - The Taking of Christ

It was a rainy day, perfect for a museum

Especially since entrance to state owned museums is free !

It wasn't especially crowded except for one group of children that were having a screaming contest...we went to one of the upper floors to get away from them.

Kelly likes to play a little game called "pick your favorite"...I think its to make sure I'm paying attention, but she asks me which piece of art is my favorite in each room before we can move on.

After the museum, we had some delicious Asian food and headed home. We have a few more museums in Dublin to check out before we leave, hope we can squeeze them in.

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