23 August 2009

Hello Vienna !

I moved into our new apartment in Vienna on Friday. Its a very nice, well lit apartment on the second floor of an apartment building in a northeastern neighborhood of Vienna called Kagran (kuh-grahn)

The apartment is owned by the father of one of the local lacrosse players. He apparently moved out in 1991 and no one has lived there since. The decor is badly outdated, but it will be fun to fix it up. We are getting a great deal on the apartment so we are happy to do it.

First step was to clean the place. The team came over a few days before I arrived and did most of the initial cleaning. Now we have to move some of the furniture and personal effects down to the cellar storage area. The place requires a lot more cleaning as well.

The owner of the apartment was a big cyclist and has trophies from the 50's and 60's all over the place. Its kind of like moving into my grandfathers house.

Step two after cleaning will be painting.

Check out the wallpaper in the hall....groovy !

and the wallpaper in the bathroom...psychedelic !

and the fabric on the built in seating bank in the dining room...hello 1970

all in all its a great place with a lot of potential. This week the floors are getting redone and our shower is getting re-tiled. We're also having the kitchen backsplash tiled as well.

We had a game against the Slovakians on Sunday, but I also had some time to go out walking.

I took the subway to the center of the city which takes about 25 minutes.

It was a beautiful afternoon and the cafes were predictably bursting with people.

Vienna really is a beautiful city.

I walked around for about two hours, sat in a park listening to an older gentleman play the Beatles on an accordion, and watched the Viennese enjoy their Sunday.

Afterwards I met up with some members of my new team to have some beers and watch the Major Lacrosse League championship at a bar....a very nice Sunday indeed.

Kelly arrives in Vienna on Friday...woooohoooo. Stay tuned for more posts soon.


Anonymous said...

Why not clean the apartment and leave the artifacts up?Helen

Chris said...

Hello Helen...We are leaving some of the trophies up, as well as some of the cooler 70's decor. Once we've painted and redecorated it should be a groovy, noveau 70's chic vibe...woooohoooo!

Anonymous said...

Is there a bust of Beethoven that is used to reveal a secret bar that slides out of the wall into the living space?

Chris said...

Someday....someday I will have the bust of Beethoven...or the bust of someone that opens the door to my secret room or reveals my secret bar.