05 August 2009

The last pub crawl ?

Two weeks ago, Bodie (lacrosse friend and transplanted Bostonian) and I went on a spur of the moment Pub Crawl. As we are true professionals, once we realized we were at our 3rd pub we embraced the challenge...and conquered.

Could this be the last great pub crawl of my time in Dublin ? Recently, when Casey & Pat were visiting, Pat-law and I hit a few pubs too....but I'm fairly certain Bodie and I hit 6 or so...on a Wednesday...before 1am... Can't remember

ahh Grogans...ya quirky little hangout of bohemians and weirdos. You were my first pub...my local...righ downstairs from our first apartment. Good bye charmingly weird friend.

Foggy Dew, I hardly knew ya. I've visited you for lunch and when you're packed, jamming with a Stones cover band...but you never made the major pub circuit. Big thumbs up to you Dew.

Dame Tavern..across the lane from the old Stags Head. Great for live music and a quiet pint.

Devitts....great when An Seo is douchey (Bodie Term). Easy to find a quiet corner...youre a good pub.

Flannery's I hate your guts. You embody everything I hate about PubClubs. You play the same music over and over again, you're packed to the gills with the snobby young clubberpubbers....but you have a late license and sometimes you're the only thing open.

Not gonna miss you Flannery's....

Oh Hairy Lemon....you have one of the best names and you're a nice pub. You are everything Flannery's isnt. You attract nice people. You're in a good location and you have good food. They'll even serve you a drink after last call, cause your people are cool like that.

and so begins the long goodbye to Ireland.



Anonymous said...

Sounds like you're leaving just in the nick of time!

Anonymous said...

You can always come to Murry Hill, NYC, where you can't turn around without walking right into an Irish POOOOB.