09 August 2009

What happens to our heroine next?

Friday was my last day at work. How do you think I made my exit?

Did I:

a) throw out my work shoes, fill my bag with pounds of post-it notes, set fire to my desk, stamp on people's feet in the elevator and steal these flowers from the receptionist on the way out?


b) do my best to hand over my projects to my replacement, throw out my work shoes, eat cake in the corridor while people said nice things about me, mumble out an awkward thank you speech, receive a card, gift and these lovely flowers and then go out for a few celebratory jars when the day was done?

You decide.

If you choose option A please turn to page 123 of this Dungeons & Dragons Choose Your Own Adventure Book.
If you choose option B please turn to page 47 of this Dungeons & Dragons Choose Your Own Adventure Book.



tina haltigan said...

B of course!!!

Anonymous said...

i know the truth Mr Arnold Kelly post the pic:) - Alex

Alli Arnold said...

I would have picked choice C:

C: You belted a rousing rendition of "Take This Job And Shove It" in your most offensive American accent from the top of your desk, punctuated by a quick mooning, follwed by the curt proclamation: "I AM OUT OF HERE! SEE YA SUCKERS!!!"

My only regret in life is that is not how I left my last job.

Congratulations, Kelly! You did a good job at this gig! Your perserverence impresses me.

xo Vacation Shirl

tina haltigan said...

I like your idea Vacation Shirl!!

Becky said...

I knew it was B, because A is what you did when you left lightning. That day....the office burned!!!!

I hope they realize (and I'm sure they did) just how lucky they were to have Kelly McArnold in their lives- even if just for a little bit. Everyone should have a Kelly :)