31 January 2010

And you thought Christmas was over!

Nino asks "Isn't Christmas over? Can't I take this thing off?"

Christmas ain't over till I SAY it's over. And I say it ain't over till I blog about it. So Merry Christmas y'all!

Christmas Eve found me back at sister Maryanne's preparing for the big traditional Haltigan family celebration.

Mrynn's Cookie Sweatshop had been converted to Mrynn's Twice Baked Potato Factory so I rolled up my sleeves and set to work and before long the festivities were ready to begin.

My best Christmas present? Chris arrives fresh from his trip to Jerusalem!! L'chaim!!

Bobby carves. Maryanne assists. Chris lurks.

The tables were festive and beautifully set. I even got to sit at the grown-ups table!! Sharp knives and everything. You are probaly wondering what that thing of beauty is in the center...

...so here's a close up of the lovely antipasto platter from the pork store. Yummm. Maryanne spent most of her energy the night before keeping Bobby away from that platter.

Guests arriving, the room starts buzzing, ladies looking festive, the fellas are dapper, everyone talking at the same time - getting louder and louder, Christmas tunes jingling, tantalizing smells wafting from the kitchen, laughter erupting around the room, passing hors d'oeuvres around, tree-lights blinking, cold air gusting in with each arrival....
Sigh. I wished the night would last forever.

Ever the entertainer, Chris held sway with tales of the holy land.

And gave out Middle Eastern loot to everyone. Michael with his keffiyah.

Eileen rubbing her new magic lamp (no genies reported as yet.)

And Jake wearing his new Turkish cap, which he didn't want to take off all night, much to my Turkish delight.

Helen and Charlie looking blue-eyed and beautiful.

Visions in black & white, enjoying a post-meal chat.

Uncle Tom turns Luke into a human wheelbarrow.

Maggie did the dishes but apparently harbored some resentment and so left a dish-drain-death- trap for the rest of us. Then it was time for desert and the gift grab bag. Let the silliness begin!

Julia gets a snuggie of her very own and models it with cozy enthusiasm.

Mike showed all the ladies his bop it technique. (Not nearly as dirty as it sounds.)

There were coffee beans, board games, sweet treats, and a whole host of items both silly and useful. And of course the best parts were when someone stole a gift. It's not about what you take home, it's about the drama of the moment.

And so Feliz Navidad my friends. It was a good one. I hope everyone's Christmas was as loud, chaotic and wonderful as mine.



Tina Haltigan said...

Chris I am still waiting for my trinket from the Holy land!!! Kelly you made me want to cry...i wish i was there with you all.

Chris said...

The next time I see you Tina I will, of course, have something, from somewhere, for you....

Anonymous said...

Aww. Cozy Christmas! But Nino is so embarassed that you posted that picture of him...

xo NYC Shirl