27 January 2010

Strata Straddles the World

The nice things about having a Shirl is you know you are always in-tune with at least one person in the world. The nice things about the Internet is that you and your Shirl can be in-tune from a distance of 4,200 miles.

Shirls enjoy an occasional foray into the kitchen to cook something healthy(ish) and delish. We especially like finding a new recipe on the above mentioned Internet and then sharing it.

Enter "The Spinach & Cheese Strata." Intrigued aren't you? Stomach just sounded out a little appreciative growl? NYC Shirl felt the same way so when she found the recipe at this delightful site, and she promptly emailed it to Vienna Shirl.

Fast forward a few weeks and NYC Shirl is visiting family in sunny Florida while Vienna Shirl is bored in snowy Austria. NYC Shirl decides to make the strata for breakfast with her peeps ON THE VERY SAME DAY that Vienna Shirl decides to alleviate her boredom by trying a new recipe.

"Now what have I come across recently that looked both nutritious and delicious?" thinks Vienna Shirl.

Spinach & Cheese Strata comes to mind and she excitedly emails NYC Shirl that she'll be trying it out. NYC Shirl communicates back to Vienna Shirl that SHE IS DOING THE SAME THING! Remarkable, isn't it?

Which brings us to another thing Shirls like. NYC Shirl has a brilliant idea for a tv show showing home makeovers. Eliminate all that boring baloney about how they do the stuff and just show us the goods. Before. After. That's really all we want, right?

Shirls decide the show will be called "BEFORE! AFTER!" It should have an obnoxiously loud, British-accented host who shouts "BEFORE" when you see the before pictures and "AFTER" when you see the after pictures. I know, right? Genius.

Turns out this concept works on lots of things. Let's face it, the world could use some simplifying. Beauty makeovers, wardrobe makeovers, plastic surgery shows, cooking shows....

Which brings me to yet another example of the Shirl mind-meld. While I was making my strata I chuckled and did BEFORE! and AFTER! photos (shouting this out while snapping the pics, of course) in order to email to NYC Shirl.

Hold on to your hats, folks. NYC Shirl was doing THE SAME THING in Fla. And so I present to you...





Go ahead, put your most annoying British accent on and shout it out! BEFORE! AFTER! You might just become the host of our new show.


p.s. anybody hungry?


Alli Arnold said...

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! BEFORE! AFTER! So good.

I realized as I was reading this post that your readers might think we are insane, whereas we think we are remarkably clever.

Strata for thought!

Oh, Mom wondered if you noticed that your pitcher is on her counter? :)

xo NYC Shirl

P.S. I am emailing you a recipe for "Winter Cassoulet" later today.

Laura Jane said...

Kelly, I've jumped from the FWS to your blog and I can't get enough! And NYC Shirl, you two are not insane or inane, you are two divine peas in a pod and I love it! I can envision a new talk show called "Shirl squared" or "from Shirl to Shirl with LOVE" I am picturing opening credits with the two of you mimicking the opening to the Laverne and Shirley show. The two of you will cover topics from all areas of life, this show will be a home-run and will blow Oprah and Ellen out of the water, in fact, they will be your first two guests on the show, ok, I am rambling....