13 January 2010

Back where I belong

Two weeks. Count 'em. Two whole, long, delicious weeks to spend in the proverbial bosom of my family and luxuriating in the company of friends. Someone asked me what I did in NY while I was there. What did I do? Hmmmm. Nothing, really. Yet I accomplished just about everything I set out to.

First stop on the tour? The fabulous Miss Alli Arnold. Sister-in-law, friend and the best Shirl a girl could ask for. It's impossible for me to not enjoy time spent with my Shirl. She is my sister from another mister, my soul's kissing cousin, the peas to my carrots. I was grateful for two nights there, checking our her new apartment (gorgeous) and her new 'hood (classic) and even heading back down into the old 'hood of Murray Hill for sample sales (bargains!) and diner eats (mmm, reuben sandwich.) We may or may not have gorged ourselves on three episodes of Jersey Shore in the evening, but I won't admit to that publicly and will leave it as a hypothetical scenario for you to ponder.

Somehow I took no photos of La Shirl herself. But I did snap her artwork hanging up on banners all over NYC. So proud! I also got pictures of her dog and, inexplicably, her bookcase. Thought both are lovely, for the sake of brevity, neither will be included here. (After all, it was a two week trip, and I am only on day 2) Suffice it to say, Alli always leaves me wanting more.

Next stop...Albany to see A. (sometimes known as G.) & B. & family. Roll on Megabus!

I got to meet Elena for the first time. And loved her immediately.
Old friend Dave came up to Albany for a visit and the four of us grownups nearly wet ourselves laughing after the lil' ones were in bed. This may have had something to do with the wicked chocolate martinis Ann was mixing. Or maybe not, you never know with this crowd.
Ann and I figured out why I am practically a midget by comparing our legs. Seems I am missing about 4 or 5 inches off of mine.

Also while in Albany, I crowned Miss Eva Diva a princess (merely confirming what she already knows)...
...helped Jonah compose a song, and ate Ann's home-baked bread like my life depended on it. Alas, sadly, after all that it was time to move on. Bring it, Long Island!!

My first night back on the island was a casual affair at the ol' family homestead, affectionately known as 106. So the family gathered and we had dinner and of course, lots of laughs. I never feel as comfortable as I am when around this crowd of wacky yahoos. Love 'em all to death.
Sister Maggie's patients love her so much they send her GINORMOUS gift baskets full of yummies. Hooray Maggie! We all did our very best to put a big dent in it. (You are probably wondering how a lil' thing like Magpie can hold up that massive box. Yoga. I swear, sometimes I just wanna be her.)

In an evening loaded with highlights, on a trip loaded with highlights, nothing warmed the cockles of my heart so much as seeing how much my younger nephews adore my older one. Michael and Luke above, figuring out something electronical or mechanical no doubt.

Here's Michael with the Jake-meister. Jake won't even LOOK at me when Michael is in the room. But that's okay....warm heart cockles and all that. (What exactly is a cockle anyway?)

But moving on, because it's only day 5 of 14 and we'll see more of this motley crew at a later date. Actually this might be a good time to pinch off this post and start again fresh another day. After all, a good blogger knows a cliffhanger will keep 'em coming back for more.

What wonders will days six through fourteen hold?! Only the Shadow knows!! (And also me and the 19 other people in my family, a handful of friends and a big bunch of Chris's relatives as well. Oh and some people on the Long Island Rail Road, the A and L subway trains and anyone who was at the 11th Street Bar on December 22nd and....well...you get the point. Only the Shadow knows!! )

Anyway, I'll leave you with these words of advice, if ever you are in Bellmore and need a place to lay your head, drop by 106...

...they'll give you this much bedding to sleep with.



Anonymous said...

LOL with the bedding!!!! and i know you weren't kidding!!!

Alli Arnold said...

Sniff. Teary. I'm touched. Thank you, Sister Shirl. Come back soon!
xo NYC Shirl