09 March 2010

Something cool to do in Vienna

No big surprise that there is ice skating in Vienna. But check out how nifty skating in the city center can be. A rink has been set up at the park in front of the gorgeous Rathaus building. But it's more than just a rink.

There are several big open areas all connected by an icy labyrinth - iced pathways running around and through the trees in the park. It's huge!

This ain't no rinky-dink rink. It's an icy wonderland!

The traffic keeps flowing, you rarely feel rushed or crowded and the fact that it's so nice and spread out means that when you fall less people will see you make a fool of yourself.

When you're not skating towards the lovely Rathaus, you're facing the Burg Theatre. So pretty.

And finally, if that's not enticing enough for you, in the middle of all the icy goodness are concession booths with beer and hot punsch, yummy warm feel-good foods like cheesy noodles, fried things and other assorted hot and fattening delicious treats. Mmmmmm.

Sadly this weekend was the last of the ice skating as Vienna prepares to warm up and show me her spring wonders. Bring it on, Vienna, bring it on.


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Tina Haltigan said...

Kelly did you skate??