04 March 2010

A Treat in the Mail

I received the above photo in the mail today along with this note from my father's cousin:

Hello Kelly & Chris, Here's the picture I sent to you in Ireland with your Christmas card, which was returned to me. I know you'll love it as much as I do. I wish they were still alive; I know they'd come visit you in Europe, wherever you are. They were an adorable couple & so much in love..... Enjoy your travels & keep in touch,

M. was right, I love this photo. This is how I remember them from my younger years, and how they appear in my mind's eye when I miss them and want a little visit.

Dad needs an eyebrow trim and you can practically SEE my mother shrinking in the photo. They really were an adorable couple, weren't they? Look at my incredibly dorky father, complete with sweat socks, chicken legs and a DADASAURUS t-shirt of all things. And I know for a fact that my mom's stylish little ensemble was her special Florida outfit for their big trip.

I've taped this up at my desk and it's been making me smile ever since. Thanks, M.



Tina Haltigan said...

Kelly, Marie sent this picture to me and I felt the same way. I love the way that they are so smiley and how Dads tshirt is practically painted on his cute beer belly. I want to hug that beer belly. And notice Moms feet with those little footie stockings on...I miss them.

Anonymous said...

What year was this taken, do you know? I miss them both too, very much. Boo hoo now.

Anonymous said...

Do you know what year this was taken? I miss them too, very much........now I'm all boo hooing.