11 March 2010


Sunday.....no work.....no practice. Just me and the Mrs.

We headed into the city center via underground...destination lazy late breakfast.

That is Breakfast in the Viennese manner.

Ladies & Gentlemen........Cafe' Sperl

There are newspapers to read, coffees & cakes...and a guy playing a piano at the back of the room.

Oh here comes our coffee.

Even at the normal run-of-the-mill places in Vienna, coffee is an event.

This is the kind of place I could stay all day long.

We started with bread.

and then had some Ham & Eggs.

Can't imagine a better start to a relaxing Sunday.

Next stop.....the Museum of Art History. Annual passes ($35) encourage you to stop by the museum whenever you are in the area. You can't help but enjoy yourself in this sort of environment, especially knowing that each visit is saving you money.

You don't have to do the whole museum....just pick a wing and hang out.

Or...have coffee in the cafe'.

Kelly and I wandered a bit in the collection of portraits...or as Kelly calls them "baseball cards"

The same wing also houses the coin collection, including the 100kg Gold Canadian Coin.

Its value? 1 miiiiiiiiillllliooooonnn dollars!

We spent a few hours just hanging around and strolling through the picture galleries.

Its just a nice place to be.

Kelly prefers the dark, dreary work of the Dutch masters....I'm partial to the bright colors of the Spanish & Italians.

A great way to spend an afternoon....you even get to learn a thing or two.

Afterwards, we wandered into the old Spittelberg neighborhood looking for a Thai restaurant recommended by some friends. We eventually found it, but as it was Sunday, it was closed.

We pressed on and almost ate marzipan for lunch.

...but convinced ourselves to make it to another favorite eatery.

Maschu Maschu...an Israeli joint that advertises "The Best Falafel in Town"

We hadn't been there since Mom visited....and it was wonderful.

3.80 for a yummy Falafel Pita......mmmmmmm

and a groovy atmosphere.

Next stop....the English Cinema on Mariahilferstrasse to see Alice in Wonderland 3D.

The place was absolutely mobbed, so we decided to go cool our heels at our favorite pub and see the 6:45 movie.

We got to Gary & Inge's just in time to watch the Rapid soccer match...and Gary with his giant remote control.

As it usually happens at Gary & Inge's, we enjoyed ourselves immensely and stayed longer than expected....so we stumbled out the door en route to the Cinema for the 8:45 show.

It was mobbed again!

So we saw this movie.

Kevin Spacey, George Clooney, Ewan McGregor, AND Jeff Bridges.

Once again, a star studded cast and a mediocre result. It had its moments but overall we gave it a C.

After the movie, we made our way home...exhausted, but happy.....another great Sunday in Vienna.

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