31 July 2007

We're Back !

Well we're finally moved in our new apartment and back online !

Our apartment is in the building directly behind the very convenient tram/streetcar in this picture.

This past weekend was chocked full of action, first and foremost a lacrosse double header vs. visiting American NCAA Div 2 Catawba College. Unfortunately Dublin Lacrosse lost both games ( 13-8, 12-9) but they were both close games and everyone had a great time.

Information on this game and all Dublin Lacrosse events can be found at the Dublin Lacrosse Website

I've mentioned Hurling on the blog before, you know... the game where guys run around with wooden clubs.

After the lacrosse game on Saturday, players and coaches from both teams went to Croke Park in Dublin for the All-Ireland Hurling Quarter Finals...and boy was it awesome.

Croke Park is the biggest stadium in Ireland. It has a seating capacity of 80,000 !

The atmosphere is electric ! There were 3 games in a row on Saturday. Players play for their counties as opposed to organized independent teams. All these young lads are sporting their Tipperary colors, unfortunately for them Tip was upset by Wexford.

We were all rooting for Wexford, especially UCD Lacrosse Captain Paddy O'Leary (far right) who wore his Wexford jersey and didn't stop smiling until the next day.

In between games the band comes out, you can see the flags of the counties playing in the next match at the back of the band. This game was also awesome, Kilkenny vs Galway. Kilkenny came out on top in a high scoring match.

More frequent blog posts to come now that we're moved in.


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