21 October 2007

Hooray Wasses!!

Brett and Monica arrived today, much to our delight. Chris met them early this morning and walked them around Dublin, tiring them out and giving them an overview of the city. I stayed in bed and did a spot of wallowing while that took place. In other health news, my legs feel a lot better but my head is still a major problem. But when I finally did get up to hang with our guests the distraction and delight of their company made me feel a lot better. I'd post the pictures we took but I am bleeding out of my eyes, ears, nose and mouth, plus I have grown a hump so the pics are not really flattering. Not to worry though, I'm on antibiotics!!

Kidding! No orifice problems, no hump growing. Am really feeling an improvement in things and am going to go lay down so as not to jinx it. Maybe the Wasses are my fairy godparents of health?



Anonymous said...

Holy Kelly, you had me for a minute. Dont say stuff like that. I am glad your feeling a bit better. But your headache sure seems to be a problem. Keep up with rest and get yourself checked further.

Anonymous said...

i would love u just the same and the hump would mean more to love.... :)

Becky said...

Kelly you are a super trooper and I love you! Hang in there, and humps are in this season. My little precious...love and prayers. You and Monica should do some TaeBo for old times sake. xoxo Becks

Anonymous said...

Kelly, Annie told me you saw the Old Crow. They are one of my favorites. I hope you are feeling better. Perhaps the next time you are on this side of the ocean we can run into each other. I love your writing. I sense books coming along in the future. Ann also pointed out your nieces webpage and I love the songs. Gonna be watching for performances.
- Hank Stevens, Middletown NY