04 October 2007

Just when everything is grand, BLAM ! Life smacks you in the face !

As many of you already know, Kelly got very sick 3 days ago and had to be admitted to the hospital. She is doing much better now, after a few days of severe stomach pain due to her wacky Gastro-Intestinal plumbing.

This all happened just 2 days before our trip to kelly's annual family reunion which we will now miss.

But, obviously the most important thing is that Kelly is healthy ! We have rescheduled our flights to go next week and see everyone anyway.

Sorry we havent made any posts lately, but stay tuned faithful blog readers, we have some good posts coming !



Alli Arnold said...

yay! i am so happy that kelly is doing much better- well enough for you to make a new post! i am super happy that you guys are coming on tuesday...i can't wait to go upstate with y'all... take good care of yourselves....xoxo alli

Anonymous said...

Kel, I love you and hope you are doing better. Love, Coll

P.s. Mike has been wanting that Imperial March song for his cell phone ring but can't find it to download.

Anonymous said...

So happy to be able to see y'all next week. Sorry, Kelly, about Poconos glad you're doing a little better though. luv mama

Catherine said...

I hope you feel better and get to see your family soon :) BTW, the girls LOVE their shirts!

meg said...

hey kelly, hope the belly is still feelin' otay. call me when you are in NY, i wanna hear about what's goin' on.

Becky said...

Kell Bell I hope your all better! MIss you!